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FLUORITE (green) ✦ Fluorite is highly stabilizing and grounding. Fluorite absorbs excess energy, thus very helpful to someone dealing with anxiety. It also aids planning, coordinating, and balancing. It encourages innovation and invention, as well as self-worth. Physically, Fluorite is known to strengthen bones and teeth as well as improve the pain associated with arthritis.

AMETHYST (purple)  ✦ Amethyst is known to be a good all-around healer. It is believed to moderate unruly behavior and encourage clarity of mind and spirituality. It calms harsh emotions and brings stability and peace. Amethyst also helps to maintain equilibrium in all situations and balances polarities. It aids with headaches, meditation, insomnia, and any sleeping related issues. 

CITRINE (yellow)✦ Citrine is a powerful stone for manifesting. It is a great stone for new beginnings radiating success.Citrine carries the power of the sun and provides energy in winter as it is capable of incubating energy. It awakens creativity, imagination and helps transform wishes or dreams into realities. It is restful and warming while attracts and keeps wealth. Carrying a Citrine also attracts love and happiness but protects your heart. It is a stone of absolute luck. With deeper meditation, Citrine can help you travel to the Hall of Records / Akashic Records.

* all bracelets have the average size of 7in'.

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