Tiger Eye is a powerful protective amulet against evil, demons, and witchcraft. It diverts unwanted energy and confuses a possible opposition. It builds confidence and encourages contact with other people. Physically, it releases stuck or congested states in the digestion or in the mind at times when thought processes are confused.


Topaz in the ancient times was respected as a talisman of luck and protection and was believed to be able to cure any illness. Today, this stone is known as a deep emotional healer and bringer of clarity. It is also a calming stone helpful for those with anger management and can also be used by people who have been through hurtful experiences as it assists in trauma recovery. It helps heighten your ability to communicate better, and to express yourself when speaking or writing in a meaningful way. It also helps those who have difficulty with public speaking. It holds a vibration that allows for clearer and more specific decisions about the direction you wish for your life.


✦ Black Tourmaline is the most protective crystal, warding off any potential harm and negative forces. It also has a strong clearing energy making it effective in dispelling negative energies in the home. When heated, Black Tourmaline becomes negative on one end and positive on the other giving it its other healing property that assists in balancing the extremes. It grounds and strengthens our grip on reality, focuses our awareness in the present, and has a stabilizing effect. Physically, Black Tourmaline soothes, settles bones and muscles.

Indicolite Tourmaline also known as Blue Tourmaline is believed to help balance the throat chakra benefiting the thyroid, lungs, larynx and bones of the neck. It also activates below the brow chakra, maximizing perception, intelligence and absorption of information. 


Tree Agate is a stone of inner peace. It brings our focus to the oneness of us all, getting rid of egoism and arrogance. It is also a supportive stone regulating the balance of water in our bodies and increasing our immune system. It is very helpful for those with neuralgia; pain caused by aging diseases such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis and other infections.