SCORPIO (Scorpion)
October 24–November 21


✦ Aquamarine is a stone of beauty, courage, and loyalty. It encourages optimism and unique skills. It also helps clear doubt, uncertainty and enhances a creative expression of ideas. It helps you find inspiration and allows your imaginations to flow, leading to positive and practical outcomes. Aquamarine boosts the immune system and balances the thymus and throat chakra. This stone also promotes safe travel, especially at sea.


✦ Herkimer Diamond stimulates conscious attunement to the highest level and most helpful in activating and opening the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. It is a very powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. They are great for healing, meditation, dream and vision work, and advanced spiritual work. Herkimer Diamond will give you balance on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level and will help guide you to the right direction when you are surrounded by people with unclear intentions. Physically, it removes toxins and get rid of bad addictions.


✦ Obsidian can bring hidden issues, emotions, and traumas to the surface. It reveals what is hidden or lost, as well as grounds and protects us. It blocks psychic attack and is a strongly protective stone as it forms a shield against negativity. Physically it aids in rebalancing the digestive system.


Topaz in the ancient times was respected as a talisman of luck and protection and was believed to be able to cure any illness. Today, this stone is known as a deep emotional healer and bringer of clarity. It is also a calming stone helpful for those with anger management and can also be used by people who have been through hurtful experiences as it assists in trauma recovery. It helps heighten your ability to communicate better, and to express yourself when speaking or writing in a meaningful way. It also helps those who have difficulty with public speaking. It holds a vibration that allows for clearer and more specific decisions about the direction you wish for your life.