✦ Rose Quartz encourages the heart to open, bringing more trust and love into our lives. It uncovers the underlying causes of other problems, such as negative self-image and replaces it with self-love. It fosters an appreciation of beauty and inspires feelings of love and friendship making it well known for its other name as the “love stone.” It sends the vibration of love into its surroundings and aids those nearby, especially those nearest and dearest. It is known to stimulate sensuality and romance. It is so powerful in opening the heart, letting out any lingering emotional baggage and forgiving those who have wronged you that it allows you to express yourself so that you will once again make room for love in your life. Pair with Garnet, Black Tourmaline or any grounding stone as its energy may be overwhelming for some.


✦ Rhodonite is named after the Greek word Rhodon meaning rose as it shows its beautiful pinks and black veins. Rhodonite supports us from transformation that we may or may not be expecting. It is a stone that enables us to express strong, genuinely felt emotions. It dispels negative states of mind, confusion and anxiety and increases the effectiveness and sensitivity of meditation. It manifests our deep needs and allows us to be heard improving communication channels and coming to mutual understandings. Rhodonite directs emotions towards goals while still keeping one attuned to subtle vibrations.


A heart-based stone which stimulates positive feelings such as happiness and appreciation for what you have in life. It has a vibrant energy that will enhance the connection between brain and heart, aiding you in empathy, to understand yourself as well as others.


Rutilated Quartz speeds up events and process by removing obstacles. It encourages us to make progress, no matter how tough life gets. It lightens heavy moods and relaxes tense muscles. Due to its pattern of crisscrossing crystals, it suggests rapid communication and exchange of energy. It encourages the body to repair itself.