February 19–March 20


✦ Aquamarine is a stone of beauty, courage, and loyalty. It encourages optimism and unique skills. It also helps clear doubt, uncertainty and enhances a creative expression of ideas. It helps you find inspiration and allows your imaginations to flow, leading to positive and practical outcomes. Aquamarine boosts the immune system and balances the thymus and throat chakra. This stone also promotes safe travel, especially at sea.


✦ Rose Quartz encourages the heart to open, bringing more trust and love into our lives. It uncovers the underlying causes of other problems, such as negative self-image and replaces it with self-love. It fosters an appreciation of beauty and inspires feelings of love and friendship making it well known for its other name as the “love stone.” It sends the vibration of love into its surroundings and aids those nearby, especially those nearest and dearest. It is known to stimulate sensuality and romance. It is so powerful in opening the heart, letting out any lingering emotional baggage and forgiving those who have wronged you that it allows you to express yourself so that you will once again make room for love in your life. Pair with Garnet, Black Tourmaline or any grounding stone as its energy may be overwhelming for some.