✦ Haematite or Hematite has a high iron content, it can be used to make red pigment which used to be sought after as a sacred substance. It is a protection stone keeping us safe from harm. It conveys power and invulnerability. Its healing functions involve supporting the blood, circulatory system and reducing inflammation. It helps to boost self-esteem and energizes all aspects of mind and body. It is best to wear or carry hematite to anchor spiritual activity or to restore energy when one is feeling lethargic or “spaced out.” 


✦ Herkimer Diamond stimulates conscious attunement to the highest level and most helpful in activating and opening the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. It is a very powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. They are great for healing, meditation, dream and vision work, and advanced spiritual work. Herkimer Diamond will give you balance on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level and will help guide you to the right direction when you are surrounded by people with unclear intentions. Physically, it removes toxins and get rid of bad addictions.


✦ Clear Quartz amplifies energy of other stones if placed nearby. It releases blocked emotions and helps to bring about calm. This stone also helps to reveal the truth, increases clarity of thoughts, and sharpens perception. It cleanses and shifts energy, and aids in spiritual peace and meditation. It is a stone that can be used to substitute any stones you are missing when creating spells, potions and / or crystal grids. It is a great stone for all zodiac signs as we all could use some clarity and spiritual peace.
ᨏ All our Clear Quartz are handmined from the Himalayas, these are known as Himalayan Quartz and are believed to carry the vibration of the shamanic healers who have lived in the Himalayan mountain regions for centuries. Himalayan Quartz have been the number one healing tool since ancient times. The six sided hexagonal shape of this stone allows it to magnify and radiate energy in all its surroundings.

✦ Howlite is a stone of awareness and stimulates desire for knowledge while strengthening ones memory. It prepares to receive wisdom while assisting in releasing attachments, or cords linking old emotional pain, from the past life to this life leading to peace. It decreases an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety bringing calm and relaxation. Howlite is used in crystal healing for pain, bones, osteoporosis, teeth, calcium levels, leg cramps, anxiety disorders and stress-related illness.