June 22–July 22


✦ Emerald is a stone of love that helps open the heart chakra. It allows one to let go of negativity while creating positive actions and outcomes. It holds the energy of nature in its green color also allowing one to respect life and all of creation. Emerald helps to calm harsh emotions and allows you to clear blocks in your path. It helps to improve memory, clarity and understanding making it a great tool for meditation. It is also a great companion for manifestation for whatever it may be you are looking for in your life. Natural Emerald comes in many varieties, from the faintest greens to the darkest. It can be found in rock-like forms or gem-like minerals. This stone can be found in India, Russia, Zimbabwe, Africa, Egypt, Austria, Brazil and Columbia.


✦ Moonstone is a stone of lunar energy and the feminine spirit. It is a helpful stone for females, assisting in relieving cramps, enhancing fertility, and balancing the hormonal system. Moonstone reduces stress, fear and tension specially during childbirth allowing the delivery to be smooth and easy. It is also a traveler’s stone, especially protective of those who travel by night or by water. It attunes us to the cycles of time, encouraging us to learn the natural rhythms of life. Physically, moonstone assimilates nutrients, eliminates toxins and fluid retention, and alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes, and organs such as the liver and pancreas.