✦ Black Tourmaline is the most protective crystal, warding off any potential harm and negative forces. It also has a strong clearing energy making it effective in dispelling negative energies in the home. When heated, Black Tourmaline becomes negative on one end and positive on the other giving it its other healing property that assists in balancing the extremes. It grounds and strengthens our grip on reality, focuses our awareness in the present, and has a stabilizing effect. Physically, Black Tourmaline soothes, settles bones and muscles.


✦ Bloodstone is essentially Green Jasper with the addition of iron oxides that create red, brown or yellow markings. It is known as a warrior's stone as it is believed to heal wounds and stop blood loss. It stimulates the physical system of the body, particularly blood circulation. It energizes and balances the heart and root chakras by providing motivation and encouragement. It brings in strength and promotes good health.