March 21–April 19


✦ Bloodstone is essentially Green Jasper with the addition of iron oxides that create red, brown or yellow markings. It is known as a warrior's stone as it is believed to heal wounds and stop blood loss. It stimulates the physical system of the body, particularly blood circulation. It energizes and balances the heart and root chakras by providing motivation and encouragement. It brings in strength and promotes good health.


✦ Carnelian is a form of chalcedony that crystallizes from silica-rich solutions and is coloured by iron oxide impurities. It is a stone worn for courage and confidence and protection from all sorts of harm. It helps to relieve us of trauma and stress. It also enhances analytical capability and creativity and promotes business ventures successfully. It is an excellent, all-round healing stone as it is gently warming and very stabilizing.


Jasper gently grounds (especially red and brown varieties) and acts as a steadying anchor. It helps focus on practicalities and encourages enthusiasm as well as drive. It provides unique solutions to practical problems and nurtures any damaged areas of the body aiding recovery, and repair.