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We are a small business aiming to bring in ethically sourced goods with bright energy to your homes. We mine our own Himalayan Quartz near our hometown in Northern India and manufacture our metaphysical products with the help of our family and friends. 

We are huge animal lovers and watch any sort of animal / earth documentaries in our spare time. We would love to grow and take part in donating to charities that care for endangered animals and organizations that help clean their habitats. We are very grateful that this is the job that we have as it truly is our passion to share the love and light from crystals. We love to travel and hope to see as much of the world as possible!


 (shop owner)
Hi, my name is Dee! I'm in school for gemology. My family has been in the crystals and minerals business since 2015. I go mining with my dad and relatives in the Himalayas near our hometown in India. I love mining, travelling and looking out for wildlife. I enjoy seeing specimens from all over the world and happy to share mine!


KHRYCHZA LECTOR (shop owner)
Hey, my name is Khrychza! I love wellness and self-care rituals. I'm in school for Design hoping one day I can incorporate it in my crystal work. I love to all sorts of artsy stuff, being outdoors as well as having down time at home. I can not wait to travel the world some more! I am so happy and truly so lucky to be able to share these crystal beauties with you all! 

 MOW (Our angel)
Mow joined our family in 2017 and passed January 2021 due to cancer. He was and forever will be one of the most magical creatures to walk this Earth. He will forever be in our hearts and remain as inspiration for our business.

 (cheer leader)

Bablu & Dabbu
(cutest troublemakers)