Metaphysical Products

All crystals have metaphysical properties, however, when they are a certain shape or made to be a specific shape their energy radiates another purpose.

Crystals Spheres: All around the world, a sphere symbolizes unity, completeness and the circle of life for centuries. It is considered to be a perfect shape that allows all the energy to radiate in all directions at once. It is also believed that the sphere being the most symmetrical shape, allows for light, energy and time to easily flow through with no difficulty making them the perfect tool for scrying. Scrying allows one to peep through our history's past, present or future with deep practice.

Crystals Pyramids: Pyramids are a great wander in world. To this day we are trying to discover how the ancient pyramids were made to be so strong with the little tools they had in the past. Crystal Pyramids are have a strong base that help anchor your intentions while its apex sends your intention out into the universe. It is also believe that the apex receives energy from the universe.

Crystal Towers / Points / Wands: Crystal wands come in all different shapes and sizes and are often used by healers as its long features allows one to easily hold it and point its apex to their patient for direct healing in the body.

Our crystals are environmentally mined from different places in the world and is then handmade into these beautiful shapes by our wonderful team in India ♡